SoCal-based composer Enrico Benjamin creates what he likes to call living room electronica; lofi beats merge with dub-infused bass lines and experimental synths to create abstract, downtempo soundscapes.

Born and raised in Chicago, Benjamin was heavily influenced by the sound of 80s house parties, and the playlists of college radio which introduced him to the world of dub reggae.

After graduating with a degree in sound engineering from Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Benjamin returned to Chicago and spent several years in studios recording others before releasing his debut vinyl EP, Bitstream Fixations Vol. 1, on Binary Records in 1995. A handful of cassette-only EPs were released in and around the Chicago area in support of live performances through the early 2000s.

cycle60’s bass bin tones have rattled many stages, from raves to art galleries. He created many of the visuals to accompany these live performances. cycle60’s music has been featured in commercials, podcasts and an indie movie soundtrack.

cycle60 has collaborated on live and recorded projects with other midwest electronic artists such as The Microdot Ensemble, Bluepoe and Nofi.