Her Visions Beyond Tomorrow

Check out the latest release now streaming. “Her Visions Beyond Tomorrow” is a psychedelic dub trip to lands unseen. Get comfy and set phasers to chill. Add it to your playlists on Spotify and Music.

The Greatest Day
The Greatest Day podcast artwork

Audible’s “The Greatest Day” podcast is finally out and I’m excited for you to hear it! I composed all original music for the series that reflects the struggles and triumphs of this moment in hip-hop history. Listen to all five episodes for free on Audible.

Hey Hey
cover of Hey Hey remix single

Check out the remix I did for my good friend and songstress Joanna Finnis. Her decidedly new wave tune Hey Hey got a disco makeover ripe for some rollerskating action. Add it to your playlists on Spotify, Amazon and Music.

Nepenthe now streaming
Nepenthe cover art

Grab your headphones and relax as this release was designed for moments of extreme leisure. Nepenthe has been remastered, given new cover art, and is finally available to stream via Spotify and Music. You can also buy a copy on iTunes and Amazon Music.


cycle60 added several pieces of music to an indy sci-fi film called d.r.o.n.e.. We’re not sure where you can watch the film these days, but you can stream and purchase the 5-track EP on cycle60’s Bandcamp page.